Types of Restaurants

Types of Restaurants 

Hello Everyone! 

In this article, I am going to write about different types of Restaurants. There are a lots of restaurants are available in the United Kingdom. 

1) Indian Restaurants: Indian restaurants is based on India, Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh. Most of the Indian restaurant's owner is from Bangladesh. 

Specialty: Bangla Curry 

Price: Price is reasonable. 

2) Chinese Restaurants: Chinese restaurants based on China. Most of the Chinese restaurant's owner from China. Those restaurants handle mostly girls. 

Specialty: Noodles

3) Pub Restaurants: Pub restaurants are basically alcoholic resraurants. 

Specialty: Alcohol, Vodka 
Price: Price is high. 

4) Italian Restaurants: Italian restaurants owners mostly from Italy. 

Specialty: pizza
Price: High 

5) Turkish Restaurants: Turkish Restaurants are mostly from Turkey. 

Specialty: kabab 
Price: reasonable